Understanding God's Calling: A High School Homeschool Elective Course

Understanding God's Calling: A High School Homeschool Elective Course


This high school homeschool course guides students through an in-depth, thoughtful, biblical exploration of calling, vocation, and personal gifting. Students will read a variety of materials that examine calling as it generally applies to the Christian life and as it applies to specific areas of life, such as work, family, and community.

The rich biblical insight, powerful reading assignments, thought-provoking assignments, and practical exercises of this course make it fundamental to the young Christian's endeavor to understand God's calling in his or her life. 

Course includes:

  • A seventeen-module textbook (95 pages, paperback)
  • A teacher's guide, including a grading rubric with suggested answers and guidelines (38 pages, paperback)
  • Additional reading links, available on IFWE's homeschool website

IFWE's Art Lindsley, Ph.D. and Elizabeth Moyer are contributors to this curriculum. 

To learn more and to download free sample lessons, visit IFWE's homeschool website

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To order more than 50 copies, please allow up to 2-3 weeks for delivery. For questions, please contact orders@tifwe.org.