REWEAVING SHALOM: Your Work And the Restoration of All Things

REWEAVING SHALOM: Your Work And the Restoration of All Things

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Merriam-Webster defines shalom as a Jewish greeting. In our English Bibles, the word shalom is usually translated as peace, but this booklet will show that this word has a far more comprehensive meaning than the English word peace or a simple greeting.

The true meaning of shalom has the power to transform your world and the world around you. Our goal is to answer three critically important questions that will keep us from being assimilated into the culture of the “Babylon” we find ourselves in today:

  • What is shalom?
  • Why is shalom important to God and why should it be important to us?
  • How do we work for “the shalom of the city” where God has placed us?

Answering these questions around this ancient, biblical idea of shalom will enable us as followers of Christ to live a purposeful life beyond just surviving, living life as God intended it to be—full of significance, joy, and flourishing.

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