Money, Greed and God
Money, Greed and God (Paperback)

Money, Greed and God

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Jay W. Richards, Ph.D.

Distinguished Fellow, Institute for Faith, Work & Economics

  • 255 pages
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Jay Richards presents a new approach to capitalism, revealing how it's fully consistent with Jesus's teachings and the Christian tradition—and our best bet for renewed economic vigor.

Money, Greed, and God exposes eight myths about capitalism—including the notion that capitalism is based on greed—and demonstrates that a good Christian can be a good capitalist.

In Money, Greed, and God, Jay Richards has written the definitive case for capitalism, a crisply written and incisive discourse on wealth and poverty, money and morality for the 21st Century.” (George Gilder, co-founder of the Discovery Institute and author of Wealth and Poverty)

Jay Richards understands the objections to capitalism, and here explains why they do not convince him. The empirical findings revealed in Money, Greed, and God run against those objections.” (Michael Novak, Chair in Religion and Public Policy at the American Enterprise Institute)

Richards annihilates the economic myths taught as fact in schools and magazines. This is an excellent book for all of us who have been subjected to years of propaganda.” (Marvin Olasky, Editor-in-chief of World magazine)

“Money, Greed, and God is both thoughtful and important.” (Washington Times)