God's Purpose in Creation: A Study in Genesis 1

God's Purpose in Creation: A Study in Genesis 1

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God has called each of us from death to life, from darkness into his glorious light for a reason. Part of that reason is what he wants us to accomplish in the here and now. To know what it is God wants us to do with our lives, we must go back to where God's great story starts - Genesis 1. 

In this 7-day study, you will learn:

  • What it means to be God's image bearer in the world.
  • How the creation story fits into God's larger story throughout the Bible.
  • What being made in the image of God means for your work and relationships.
  • How the "cultural mandate" in Genesis 1:28-30 impacts your work.
  • What God's purpose in creation means for us today.
  • Why Sabbath rest is integral in our lives.


  • Paperback - 32 pages
  • Includes reflection and discussion questions
  • Suitable for individual or group study
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